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Our Application Management Service relieves you of the burden of maintaining the legacy applications that are draining your budget. With our experience in managing legacy applications offshore since 1997, we know how to get the best out of your code. We can renew your legacy applications and make them productive at 50 - 60% of the cost that you are paying for internal staffing. NIVANSYS then works with you to get even more savings and benefits over the long-term.

NIVANSYS has helped clients globally manage their existing applications, both developed (by us or other developers) and packaged, cutting across industry verticals. NIVANSYS has provided all levels of support and enhancement, to its clients globally, from handling initial service desk queries and correcting application errors, through to preventative maintenance, for both packaged and custom application systems. We get into well-defined service level agreements, which ensure that your mission critical applications get the 24*7 attention that they require to function effectively.

Our success is due to several factors.

  • We have a unique partnership model that helps us identify and respond to your needs more effectively than other outsourcing companies.
  • Our experience, coupled with easily accessible top management, provides us with faster decisionmaking capability, so you won't have to wait for a decision to be made for long. We make ourselves available during your working hours to expedite the decision-making.
  • We back up our service with vertical industry practice leaders who know the business challenges of your industry thoroughly.
  • We have the outsourcing industry's most comprehensive Project Management Practices in place for ensuring that our project stay on track and meet your needs.

We deliver based on a highly structured, repeatable process that consistently delivers savings, quality, process improvements, and the benefits of high offshore staffing ratios. And, because of our systematic knowledge transfer process, you end up with applications that are more thoroughly documented than ever before. And, because we commit to managing your applications according to firm, carefully measured service-level agreements, you will always know if we are meeting our promises.