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The technology is moving fast and there are several options and interfaces available through which the users can interact with the current applications. Improving or Enhancing the Interface entails moving the core application as it is, and building wrapper systems around it. This is useful when one is interested in considering some technology up gradation, while not disturbing the basic environmental framework.

A key factor in the methodology of improving the Interface is inputs from the users of the applications. It is critical to understand and manage the expectations of the end-users in order to make the change-over successful.

An interface enhancement for an existing application can cover various medium like web, mobile or voice. Gateway’s expertise can help you create a bridge between your legacy application and the enhanced interfaces that you desire. Our Interface Design team entrenched with the priority of User-friendly needs of the end clients takes care of the User Interfaces, Navigational aspects and the Aesthetic aspects of an Interface. They also keep in mind the Design Aspects with the software interfaces and Operating system interfaces and create the components and controls across applications and platforms.

Rich Internet Application

With the emergence of new technologies, such as Rich Internet Applications, a whole spectrum to architect more responsive applications that better reflect users needs has been opened. In doing so, some of the patterns that has been used to describe traditional server-based applications can be changed to accommodate a more powerful client interface. The resulting change is evolutionary, however, and much of what you use today still applies in this new model.

The concept of richness in a system application has two aspects to it, richness in data model and richness in user interface.

  • Rich in data means the user interface can represent and manipulate a more sophisticated data model residing inside of the client, one which can handle client-side computation and sending and receiving of data asynchronously.
  • Rich also describes a vastly improved interface. HTML offers a restrictive set of user interface controls, whereas an RIA interface allows for inventive interface controls that can intelligently interact with the data model.

Nivansys helps you build a better business through operational efficiency and transforming your business because we understand that web interface is more than just drawing pretty web pages or adding interfaces to enterprise systems. It is about removing the barriers and building new channels to your customers and business partners.

We help you provide your clients a better experience that would in turn increase your revenues. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are favorable because they reside on the client side and facilitate a better user interaction with less server interaction. RIA also .